About Me

I am Karen Galle, a non-fiction copy editor and proofreader with a 20-year background in agriculture, academic research, and biotechnology, in addition to publishing industry experience. I have a keen eye for detail, a passion for accuracy, clarity, and efficiency, and a great respect for deadlines.

Who I edit for

I currently edit a wide range of materials for individuals, businesses, non-profits, trade organizations and associations, interest groups, think tanks and consulting firms, colleges and universities, international organizations, investment firms, lobbying groups, and similar entities.

What topics can I edit?

I don’t necessarily need to be a subject matter expert in your field in order to edit your documents. My background means that biotechnology, animal science, medicine (human or veterinary), immunology, agriculture, or similar topics would be right up my alley. However, I have enjoyed editing in fields as varied as personal memoirs, economics, government, aquaculture, IT, health care, and profiles of people in technology careers. Rest assured, I will only agree to take on a project if I know I can do an excellent job.


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